Pointex was born in 1990 as a family business.

From the beginning our first goal has been to industriously interpret  a new environment & dimension of daily life by proposing a wide range of fabrics & products for each of life’s moments: products for leisure and relaxation needs, for social life as well as business and corporate event

Pointex believes in the manual skill, imagination and craftsmanship of “Made in Italy”: the ability to combine ease of solution and application with high aesthetic quality.

Pointex is a special place to work, where creativity and ideas keep on evolving all the time,  just like a traditional Florentine Renaissance workshop.

At Pointex, we identify ourselves and the people we work with in the combination of courage for experimentation/research and facing new challenges.

Pointex connects it’s development and profit to the wellness of the people and community that the company represents.

Pointex S.p.A.
Sede operativa: Via Brunelleschi 16/20 - 50013 Capalle (FI)
Sede legale: Via Cecchi 30, 59100 Prato (PO)
Tel. +39 055 8979380 - Fax. +39 055 8966189 - Email info@pointexspa.com -P.Iva e C.F.: 01588340974
Reg. Imprese di Prato n. 01588340974 - Numero REA: PO-434475 - Capitale sociale: Euro 1.950.000 i.v.

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